How Bad Do Sternum Tattoos Hurt?

Are you considering getting a sternum tattoo but worried about the pain? Sternum tattoos are known to be more painful compared to other tattoos. In this article, we will explore why sternum tattoos hurt and provide some tips to make the experience more bearable. So, let’s dive in!

Sternum Tattoo Pain

Sternum tattoos tend to be more painful because of the bony prominence of the sternum and the low levels of fat over the bone. Bony areas are generally more sensitive to tattooing. Unfortunately, there aren’t many areas on the body that are bonier than the sternum.

Other Pain Factors

They’re on Your Ribs

Scientifically speaking, all tattoos involve some level of pain. The level of pain can vary depending on the body part. Tattoos on areas with less fat and muscle tend to hurt the most. Since sternum tattoos are inked over the ribs and breast bones, they come with higher levels of pain.

The Sensation Can Be Uncomfortable

When tattoos are performed on areas with little protection above the bone, you may feel an uncomfortable vibrating sensation as the needle bumps in and out of the skin. Although the needle isn’t actually hitting the bone, it can still be quite shocking if you haven’t experienced this type of vibration before.

Breathing Motion

The unfortunate thing about getting a sternum tattoo is that it’s located in an area that moves with every breath you take. To avoid unnecessary pain, it’s important for both the client and the artist to synchronize their movements during the tattooing process. Additionally, after getting your tattoo, it’s advisable to avoid strenuous exercise to reduce movement in the tattooed area.


Patience is key when it comes to sternum tattoos. Due to the awkward location, the artist will need to maneuver around the area slowly and carefully. As a result, sternum tattoos often take longer to complete, meaning you may have to endure the pain for a longer duration.

How to Make Sternum Tattoos Hurt Less

Choose a Small/Simple Design

While larger sternum tattoos may look visually appealing, starting with a small and simple design can help minimize the pain. You can always build on your tattoo over time if you’re concerned about the pain.

Pick a Gentle Artist

When getting a tattoo on such a delicate and bony area, it’s crucial to choose an experienced artist who has a gentle touch. Although some pain and discomfort are inevitable, a gentle artist can make the process more bearable.

Use a Tattoo Numbing Spray/Cream

If you’re particularly concerned about the pain, consider using a numbing product on your sternum area before or at the beginning of your tattoo session. Numbing creams can help reduce pain, although their effectiveness varies from person to person. One highly recommended product is Zensa Tattoo Numbing Cream, known for its high lidocaine content and positive customer feedback.

What Else Should You Consider?

Choose a Trustworthy Artist

For women considering a sternum tattoo, it’s important to feel comfortable during the process. Selecting a female artist or requesting a private room can help ensure a more pleasant experience. Additionally, trustworthy artists generally have a more gentle touch and more experience in helping clients manage pain.

Ditch Your Bra

After getting your sternum tattoo, avoid wearing anything tight against your skin, including bras. Staying unsupported for at least a week can prevent irritation and inflammation. So, take the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of going braless!

Minimize Driving

If possible, schedule your sternum tattoo during a time when you can stay at home or take a vacation. Seat belts resting tight on your chest can cause extra pain and discomfort. They can also rub against the skin, potentially interfering with the healing process and causing infections.

Adjust Your Sleep Posture

If you tend to move a lot while sleeping, you might experience some pain from your fresh tattoo. Laying flat on your back can help minimize discomfort. While there’s no guarantee that you won’t roll over during sleep, starting in this position increases the likelihood of staying on your back throughout the night.

Tatted Up and Ready to Go

Don’t let the fear of pain stop you from getting the sternum tattoo you’ve always wanted. Remember, pain is relative, and with the right mindset and preparation, you can control and overcome it. Before getting your tattoo, conduct thorough research on your design and artist, and closely follow their advice for proper aftercare.

Sternum Tattoo

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