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Yin yang tattoo design ideas and their meanings

Yin yang tattoos are very popular with young people, especially couples. The yin yang symbol, or Taijitu, is a black and white image that derives from Ancient Chinese philosophy and is significant in Taoism today. Let’s read the article from Tadashi Tattoo - Tattoo in Ho Chi Minh to see the meanings of yin yang tattoos.

Meanings of yin yang tattoo

It shows a complete symmetry within the structure of the symbol, a representation of the harmony of the balance of the universe. The cosmic forces of the universe require complete balance in all aspects; dark and light, feminine and masculine, fortune and misfortune, hot and cold. The yin yang, a Chinese concept known as Taiji, is a reminder of this harmony, a paradigm to follow for contentment within life.
Both sides of the yin yang are dependent on the other as they complement each other, creating the balance. The characters of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ themselves denoted this balance, the first meaning ‘sun’ or ‘light’ and the second meaning ‘cloudy’ or ‘dark’. The first half of the symbol is the ‘yang’ the white half with the black dot while the second black half with the white dot is the ‘yin’. The white and black dots within the opposite colored fields shows the necessity of the ‘yin’ in the ‘yang’ and vice versa. One side does not function well without the other. One is needed to balance, complement, the other in order to maintain harmony, and happiness. This image, therefore, is the ultimate representation of the calm tranquility of Taoism, a belief in the supreme wisdom of the design of the universe. So, let’s enjoy some yin yang tattoo ideas from Tadashi tattoo - tattoo Saigon, we hope that you will like them.

Beautiful yin yang tattoo design ideas

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