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Not only become the "fever" for men, tattoo art is proving no small attraction with the women. But tattoos have something women spoilage still greatly appreciated opinion.

Some guy said that his women's tattoo personality who, aware of his present self, sometimes a tattoo on the body also creates unusual charm.

Some people believe that the lovely tattoo on a woman's body will make them more attractive (Artwork)

Some guy said that his women's tattoo personality who, aware of his present self, sometimes a tattoo on the body also creates unusual charm.

However, some man did not like tattoos on the women's body and said that spontaneous and unhealthy lifestyles.

Let's look at some of guys's comments :

MC Tuan Hai: Girls should think before tattoo

It was found that the girl was tattooed your movements today. As I see it, not all tattooed women beautiful, and express their individuality through tattoos.
Phái mạnh nói gì khi phụ nữ xăm hình
I suppose, in time can tattoo tattoo themselves enjoyed it but the future becomes the past.

Yes my friends, the lover's name engraved, certain shapes on the body to keep the memories of the love between two people. But after breaking up, want to abolish the past to move on with the new situation is very difficult.

I think, before the tattooed, women should have thought first before deciding tattoo, tattooed and regret if difficult to erase tattoos, plus all the physical pain. The tattoo regret sometimes late.

I personally do not like girls with tattoos, but I respect the views, personal preferences of each person. So I never rated girls Joneses, damaged through tattoos. Right through the way we live, communicate, see how the past can identify their personality.

Perhaps when more open society, the girls also have something open to express your personality, your interests through tattoos.

Masters. Psychology Khac Hieu: Tattoos are like clothes put on.

Tattoos are not bad, if you like, the girl had no reason to prohibit. But before tattooing, they have to think and what it looks on their life circumstances. Often parents will not like, people will look at myself around with eyes Prejudice " that girl must be a naughty girl" .
Phái mạnh nói gì khi phụ nữ xăm hình

If you yourself are willing to accept these girls the prejudice that such a price to pay for the way out of yourself, then just live as we like.

However, do not tattoo to express your value than. Because human value lies in many other things, not in the tattoo.

Tattoos are like clothes put on. If you wear clothing to displace the interview, dressed immodestly dressed to go to school or to go to a party at home will cause objectionable. Therefore, if a girl tattooed skulls, snakes or creepy images can not blame other people do not look good on her.

Women if they got tattoo like a small flower right wrist or a tiny pattern right ankle is also very lovely.

Starring Manh Cuong: Only small tattoo

I think that tattoo is also art. But women must know how to tattoo adds beauty and charm, the new tattoo themselves.
Phái mạnh nói gì khi phụ nữ xăm hình
There were girls I see very beautiful tattoos though only a small vignette on people, but manywomen with similar tattoos are not beautiful.

A good-looking girl, said dress, personality, if any tattoo will look very beautiful and express their own individuality. I like the little girl with a tattoo on waist, looked very glamorous.

Story tattoo now, society is more open, with no judgment, reviews like the old days. But according to her, as if her daughter wanted to express individuality through tattoos of itself should be tattooed baby, not too big tattoo. How to cosmetic tattooing, look at that one finds beautiful.

Source: Citinews

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