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If you ra going to get a tattoo on the person but you still freak out, not knowing what to tattoo for matching personality. So go ahead, do the following quiz to get hints or cough offline!

1. Imagine this is the first time you go tattoos, your mood will be like this?

Hình xăm nào phù hợp với bạn

a. Too eager always huh, sure you have a new tattoo.
b. Also very interesting, but you have to think twice to be able to decide 100%.
c. You always want to have a tattoo, but only in the imagination only, because there is also a little worried.
d. "Tattooing it? Small things their minds! ". But when entering the tattoo parlor, it is quite timid.

2. Step into a tattoo parlor, you will require the artist to do tattoo for you in what position?

Hình xăm nào phù hợp với bạn

a. Back or shoulder, a little puffy and bloodshot style.
b. Hips to seduce.
c. Hand or neck is best.
d. Foot or ankle.

3. Now is the next part of coloring your tattoo. What color do you want for your tattoo ?


a. The more color the better, notably better than okay!
b. Some colors go, but not too much that was.
c. Traditional black but simple.
d. Black only, but must be very dark ink dentist.

4. Previously, you did not dare to take a real tattoo, so you chose to fake tattoos. What was the method that you did?

Hình xăm nào phù hợp với bạn
a. Tattooing with cooking water from the non-leaf types.
b. Go tattoo ink time will fade.
c. Drawing the tattoo with a ballpoint pen, this makes it easy to perform ne.
d. Use a sharpie pen drawing up your body by hair oil.

5. If you want to get a tattoo, how do you want it styled like ?

Hình xăm nào phù hợp với bạn

a. A tattoo strong, masculine.
b. Figure what looked elegant as is.
c. A gentle form.
d. Pictures which few who tattooed him, hell on earth also.

6. The same thinking, if later you get older your tattoo look back you'll think how about it here?

Hình xăm nào phù hợp với bạn

a. You extremely, extremely proud of it.
b. "I saw that beautiful! It's not the old-fashioned it! ".
c. Laughing happy, because it is the memory of a youth, although now think of it, find it a bit childish and silly.
d. "Oh shame lost severance, how long ago I could go this tattoo?".

Answers here !!!!!

* If the majority is A - Tattoos with large size as dragon, phoenix, tiger ... will suit you.
Hình xăm nào phù hợp với bạn

If you choose a multi-part, you're a pretty strong character. You live independent and assertive. You enterprising, like coping with difficulties, although later there will not fail you fall which took it as motivation to continue to rise. The tattoo represents strength, masculinity, power and size will suit you. A dragon or a phoenix in the shoulder, chest or back is great suggestion for you. Refer offline!

* If it is mostly b - Pictures flower, butterfly, moon, stars and the words are meaningful tattoos for you!
Hình xăm nào phù hợp với bạn

You are conservative in thought and action. Before deciding to do something you also have to consider carefully before making. And that always bring high performance. You thoughtful, polite, humble and thoughtful before then. Therefore, a red rose, a butterfly, or a moon, stars are fit you best. In addition, those words mean, these quotations or cough is a bad suggestion somewhere!

* If it is mostly mostly c - You fit the animation, small animals, adorable.
Hình xăm nào phù hợp với bạn

You childish and silly. You live comfortably, liberal, less worry. However sometimes quite shy and timid. You attract the opposite by cuteness, mischievous personality. So gentle tattoo, cute is the perfect choice for you. A cute little kitten or a dolphin extreme love is not a bad choice, right?
* If the majority is d - unique photos, weird monsters like foreign language characters, zodiac picture ... in the strange position of the body and will stand well with you! 
Hình xăm nào phù hợp với bạn

You difference and you always become the focus of attention in the crowd. Calculate you slightly bizarre and sometimes go against the majority. But not so that everyone away from you, you strange but you have to respect everyone, so everyone will always love you. These unique tattoos as foreign language characters, encryption, these symbols are meaningful to your own tattoos you should try it!

Conclusion : With the development of the current society, tattoos have become more obvious, but many people still look strict with this. Tattooing does not mean you live or hang loose, that's just a way to express the individuality of each person only. So you should not judge people only through tattoos sisters!

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