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What are the most favourite tattoos nowadays ?

Tattoos are not simply like 'eternal jewels'. It also hides the great spiritual values behind.

Tattoo is a new trend, a large number of young people are interested in tattoos. There are many reasons for you to decide as commemorative tattoo, memories, assert themselves, ... so choosing a meaningful fit is extremely important. Here are some tattoo trends are the most popular today.

1. Zodiac tattoo

Zodiac tattoo always attracts the young people. They get tattoos to assert their ego. Even icons of zodiac was hidden mystical meaning.

Young people can choose to get tattoo of their zodiac signs or their lover’s zodiac. Often, the zodiac usually be gotten on their wrist or back of the neck.

2. Feather tattoo

With softness and charismatic, feather tattoos are choices of many young people, especially female. Feathers represent a free spirit, uplifting, not bound; as well as the passion and enthusiasm of youth.

3. Infinity symbol tattoo

With the youth, nothing is limited. Therefore, Infinity tattoos are very popular. In addition, the softness, sinuous of infinity symbol tattoo making it as a "lifetime jewelry".

Infinity symbol in addition to meaning is not limited, it also represents love, belief in the immortality of an ideal life or a certain person.

4. Quotes tattoo

Tattooing the maxim, or meaningful words like the celebrities or extract from the book, movie or ... is one of the most popular trends nowadays.

Each tattoo has a meaning to separate, associated with each memorable thing. To keep the important moments in life, young people are often tattooed the words, long words with the meaning inside.

Young people are often get tattoo on their arm or shoulder in order to fully express what they want.

5. Dreamcatcher tattoo

Beyond the meaning of a nightmare chasing amulet, Dreamcatchers also are made like pieces of jewelry suck as : necklace, earring, decoration ..

In particular, with the wild beauty, attractive lines , dreamcatcher tattoos are popular and attracted many people. Even the famous Hollywood stars also "obsessed" with these tattoos.

Dreamcatcher often tattooed on the nape, flank or in the calf.

6. Anchor tattoo

Initially it was believed that an anchor tattoo belongs to those who work in the field of marine. However, this tattoo is not merely a symbol of its own concerning the sea, it means stability, harmony, balance in gender.

During the docking icon, the crescent-shaped (along the bottom of the anchor) represents the female (negative) and the vertical bar represents the male (yang).

Couples often choose this icon to tattoo as an affirmation strong emotional, consistent. Tattoos are often tattooed on her wrist.

7. Roman numeral tattoo

These figures such as date of birth, date of death of relatives, ... has long been put into tattoo art to help people remember about this important event. If the digit is no longer popular Latin Roman numerals are mysteriously attracted a lot of tattoos.

We can easily encounter the players or the big star tattoo on the Roman people wanting to "fix mindset" a milestone in their lives.

The youths are now also following the trend of tattooing. Pictures of Roman often visible tattoos in places like the hands, back of the neck, on the shoulder or thigh.

8. Dragon/ Pheonix tattoo

It can be said, the dragon has always been treated as animals symbolizing strength, noble, spiritual nature. Asian dragons are generally favored population and represent ancient kings, the upper class. Therefore, common meaning of tattoos include the strength, prosperity and wealth.

Many young people, especially men often choose this tattoo to show his strength. Tattoos are often located at the biceps and back.

Is a mythical bird, not real, but from past to present, the phoenix is ​​associated with what was noble, fine. Pictures phoenix rising from the ashes is internationally regarded as a symbol of resurrection. Thus, this form of tattoo wishes expressed rebirth and new beginnings.

The flexibility of the phoenix always attract girls. Therefore, women often choose this tattoo and tattoo behind or along the slopes, looking fit just mysterious charm.

9. The word “Om” Tattoo

Om is a magical characters and mysteries of Indian religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. The word Om is represented by three arcs and a small dot. Three arcs represents chromosome, consciously and unconsciously. Three dots outside the arc that the highest intellectual expression accommodate all three.

This character colorful spiritual and philosophical but is very much popular. Tattoo owners often want to stay away from noisy reality, towards a peaceful and can rely on the spirit.

Tattoos are often tattooed on the nape and arms.With the information hopefully will help somewhat you can choose the most appropriate tattoo.

10. Watercolor tattoo

Tattoo ideas are implemented and spontaneously colored, bright colors make the tattoo come alive and be flexible is a special type of tattoo more popular this year, the trend this direction matching tattoos young people have white skin.

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