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Snake tattoo is one of the classic tattoo designs. Snakes are mysterious creatures, appear in many cultures and is mentioned in many myths and legends. But the most famous snake is mentioned in the Bible: the tale that has turned into a snake devil and seduced Eve ate the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve led to the expulsion from Eden.

The thing is so, but why do people go snake tattoo? Well, the poor snake actually not evil at all. Unfortunately one that is solid and reptiles in general to be used as a symbol of evil in pagan mythology. Indeed, in some stories, reptile symbolizes rebirth because they can strip away the old skin to grow and become strong and vibrant. In the Bible, the snake is just the reincarnation of Satan, but the snake itself, or any other animal in the world is not wicked.

As one animal, snake is a beautiful creature, colorful and capable of mixing into the surrounding environment; it makes them become effective predatory animals, help control harmful rodents. Snakes of all sizes, from small few centimeters to tens of meters long.

As one tattoo, the tattoo snake has many meanings. As mentioned above, the solid can tattoo symbolizes rebirth because we can Flay, left painful scars in the past to live a new life like nothing ever happened. Snakes can also be considered to have supernatural strength as they move not that affirmation. Snake is one of 12 animal Oriental and people born in this zodiac are considered calm temperament, communication skill and willingness to help others. Tattoo snake suit both men and women, although they are designed to bring gentleness and bared fangs puff.
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Artist Tadashi Trung is the main artist working at Tadashi Tattoo. Graduated from Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Arts 9 years ago, Trung Tadashi was then spending 5 years at Japan to enrich his knowledge and accumulate experience of Oriental art.
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