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Koi fish, more specifically: fish breeding Nishikigoi, is one type of carp bred for colors and beautiful patterns. That is why they become great theme of tattoo art - koi fish tattoos.

People often carp farming in ponds, water gardens or outdoor aquarium. The koi fish can be very expensive, depending on the color and shape of patterns on their bodies.

Ý nghĩa hình xăm cá chép

In Japan, koi fish spread a message of love and friendship. In China, the species is also very popular and has always been associated with good luck. Legend has it that the koi fish reached the goal to become dragon dancers. Therefore, the Chinese said 7 koi fishes gold will bring extreme luck. Although originating from East Asia, a beautiful koi fish has received love and infatuation around the world bow.

Later, people began koi fish tattooed on her body. This beautiful fish has many colors and each color carries one particular symbolic meaning. Carp silver or platinum symbolizes fortune or success in business. Carp yellow brings prosperity and luck. Koi fish white - red symbolizes career advancement. Colorful carp symbolizes family and friends.

Ý nghĩa hình xăm cá chép

The different colors of koi fish also represent family members. Black koi fish is the father, carp red - orange is the mother, pink koi fish is female and Blue - White is male,.

Koi fish tattoo art also shows the ability to achieve goals and overcome difficulties in life. It is famous because koi fish is solid and animals, easily adapted to habitat and likely survivors in the harsh conditions. Pictures carp swimming upstream is used to denote determination.

Finally, koi fishes are considered living treasures. This makes them very popular among the paintings or other art forms. Covering these creatures is one mystery, so no wonder the koi fish tattoo art has always been loved and admired.


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