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Some instructions you should know after getting tattoo

Everyone does want their tattoos will be looked great after healing. But it have to be depened on how you keep it in the healing time. So Tadashi Studio will show you some important instructions after getting tattoo :

  • The first thing, which is that you need to keep your tattoo in dry conditions, tattooed skin clean with mild antiseptic solution, which the studio will be done for you, your mission after about the tattoo is kept clean and avoid the water about 12 hours.
  • Second, avoid the sun completely and go out with a jacket when you go out in the sun. This will be done continuously for a month.
  • Do not drink alcohol in the first 3 days after getting tattoo.
  • Absolute fasting spinach, sweet rice, sticky rice and corn.
  • If your atopic allergic to chicken, beef or seafood, you need to be fast to avoid allergies affect tattoos. If not, you can eat normally but also should not eat too much.
  • No bathing pool, steam does not come for 10 days.
  • After a few days of your tattoo will peel grinding and during this time, its color from light to dark is not really stable, after a month and a half, your tattoo will be able to color and things are beautiful and edit also can be done only after this time. Before this time, the new edit tattooed onto the skin will cause premature skin bleeding has not healed completely.


  • Do not take any medicines to illuminate new tattoo done in the first 3 days. You will apply the lotion after three days, will help soften the skin conditioning agent for grinding scales soft, not dry scratch.
  • Your tattoo will dry and flaking dry skin due to new skin background has not been completely reconstructed, this time you need to patiently wait for the skin has healed tattoo, it will be just as smooth back at about 2 months early.
  • One month after the tattoo, if the skin sunburn, your tattoo will not be dull and bright, but the situation will improve after you release the skin in the sun. (In case you go to the beach and can not avoid the sun, but the sun should be out after one month only decent)

Some tattoo studio using a patch protects tattooed, with pieces of this drug, you do not have to abstain from the water in the first 12 hours more, can comfortably bathe wet or dirty is not afraid of tattoos, drug resistance bacteria in tattoo stickers will help heal and keep the color intact over.

You need to keep a stable patch for 6 days. However if the blister patches appear inside (due to size and ink water balance), you will get scissors or needle nose slightly cut one end of the patch to claw out of the water, after a few minutes the patch will automatically dry back together. On day 6 after removing the patch (preferably off while you shower to remove wet patches more likely) you dry and apply lotion.

The other keeping still as the instructions above.


Tattoo after getting and after 7 days when you peel the cover off

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