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1. Cherry Blossom Tattoo :

Hình xăm Hoa Anh Đào

Cherry blossoms in Japan country indicates significant brevity of life, as soon branched flower blooming ephemeral. Tattoos are meant to please cherish and live out their lives before youth passes.

2. Koi fish tattoo :


Koi fish is a symbol of luck and overcome difficulties because koi fish takes away all the way along their best effort can overcome any ocstacles . Tattoos also significant about improving ourselves longing, reaching good purpose.

3. Phoenix tattoo : 

Hình xăm Phượng Hoàng

Phoenix was named the birds rose from the ashes so this tattoo bearing the thoughts of revival and new beginnings nice, living up from the pain, collapsed.

4. Lotus tattoo :

hinh-xam-hoa-sen-ngu sac-by-tadashi-tattoo

Lotus flowers symbolize the beauty of pure, not slushy mud despite living among it. Tattoos mean posing express, express the true self, take up the difficult, painful buried.

5. Skull tattoo :


Skulls are most commonly tattooed tattoo "sugar skull" - a tattoo inspired by Mexican Day of the Dead movie with "sugar skull" is the candy skulls are decorated complex for mourners who dead.

Tattoo represent many things in many different belief systems with the same meaning as regeneration, eternal life gratitude, victory and rebellion.

6. Dragon tattoo :


The dragon is the symbol of Asians were favored with majesty, strong. Dragon tattoo with symbols that also represents the power, wealth and prosperity.

7. Butterfly tattoo :

Hình xăm Bướm

Photos of butterflies usually preferred for womankind seems fragile, beautiful. However, the true thoughts of the tattoo is the freedom, diversity, quick adaptation to all environments (like butterflies transform into pupae from deep before finishing) and beauty "take need to win diamonds ".

8. Anchor tattoo :

Hình xăm Mỏ Neo

Anchor ancient tattoos were sailors usually preferred but today has become very popular. Figure anchor symbolizes stability, sustainable and solid foundation for future journeys. Tattoos are often the favored young couple as a "word engagement".

9. Eagle tattoo :

Hình xăm Đại Bàng

Tattoo eagle is one of the popular tattoo oldest. It symbolizes strength (because this symbol closely associated with the myth of Zeus in Greece) as well as nationalism. Tattoos are popular in the army, police and firefighters in the West.

10. Star tattoo :

Hình xăm Sao Dẫn Đường

Star tattoo pentagram lead with embossed apparently still popular until now. This is a tattoo sailors once very popular because of the meaning of the safe return. Today tattoos are expanding with more meaning as the memo, the right decision ...

11. Yin yang tattoo :

Hình xăm Âm Dương

Yin yang tattoos mean two sides of life, expressing the harmony and balance. Tattoo proves life is never total darkness but will be balanced with light sang- survive tough luck again.

12. Rose tattoo :

Hình xăm Hoa Hồng
Roses represent beauty and love. However, the commission never without thorns, as with any good thing to have to go through difficult, painful. Also, this image also shows that there is nothing in life is perfect.

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