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Portrait tattoos and some things you should know
In recent years, getting a portrait tattoo is growing. A portrait tattoo will become meaningful when they clearly depict the shape, appearance and character of the someone you love or some celebrity.
How much will a koi fish tattoo be charged?
Nowaday, the koi fish tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs. Many people love it for its lively and vibrant colors, while others who have an awareness of its symbolic meaning choose it for its masculine and persevering attributes.
Choose dragon tattoo full back which is suitable with fate
Dragon tattoo full back is a tattoo that presents such a strong power, significant meaning, so people are likely to choose this kind of tattoo; dragon tattoo can be found is popular tattoo in saigon
How to get perfect koi fish tattoo on hand
In the domain of tattoo art, koi fish tattoo on hand is one of the most favourite one, which has been chosen by a large number of people
Warning: tattoo ink from China can cause cancer
You are at risk of cancer when getting tattoos which is done by the inks from China. Let’s read the article from Tadashi Tattoo Saigon to know the reasons.
5 tips you must remember before getting the first tattoo
Some tips Tadashi Tattoo Studio - Tattoo Saigon has collected from Buzzfeed must be remembered before getting the first tattoo. Let’s see to know what are they!
​8 things you should notice to keep your tattoo from fading
Even if you choose a tattoo studio carefully and spend lots of money, your tattoo can be ruined if you don’t know these things. Let’s see 8 things you should notice to keep your tattoo from fading.
​Tell the story of your life through tattoos
Everyone has a reason for a tattoo. Let's tell your story throught beautiful tattoo designs at Tadashi Tattoo Studio!
4 things you should know before getting a finger tattoo
Finger tattoos are more popular in recent years because of their attraction. However, before you decide to get a finger tattoo, you should know these things
What you need to know about your koi tattoo
Koi fish is patience and courage species. Between the pond, the maintenance and koi’s tendency to live a long life is respected.
Sunflowers tattoos: Blossoms seeking out light
Sunflower tattoos are seen as a symbol of good luck, happiness, health, and longevity, and they can inspire positive thinking to who see them.
You should know these things before getting a tattoo
This is the first time you get a tattoo? Are you confused what you need to prepare for? Let’s check the article to get a good preparation now!
What you don’t know about dragonfly tattoo
Have you ever wondered what the meaning is behind a girl’s dragonfly tattoo? Check out this topic to see more details!
Are you a open persons with tattoo? Yes, tattoo is an art, but only if it really is a truly beautiful work. But bad tattoo is offensive, and we should never equate the offensive is art.
3D Tattoo (Bio tattoo) is developed when tattoo became popular all around the world and inspired from 3D drawing art. Thereby, the images and things will be depicted and portrayed by the tattoo artists.
When in love, we have a lot of ways to show it. Besides that, some people want to get couple tattoos with their own meanings which is a really hot trend rightnow.
Everyone does want their tattoos will be looked great after healing. But it have to be depened on how you keep it in the healing time. So Tadashi Studio will show you some important instructions after getting tattoo :
What are the most favourite tattoos nowadays
Tattoos are not simply like eternal jewels. It also hides the great spiritual values behind.
When you have decided to get tattoo,you need to find a good tattoo artist as well as reputable tattoo studio. To obtain such decisions, you need to have some basic knowledge like :
You can tattoo on any part of the body, whether it is visible or hidden places to go, then you should know that the tattoo can be on your skin foever. So you should remember 8 things before getting tattoos.
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Artist Tadashi Trung is the main artist working at Tadashi Tattoo. Graduated from Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Arts 9 years ago, Trung Tadashi was then spending 5 years at Japan to enrich his knowledge and accumulate experience of Oriental art.
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