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The best tattoo idea for 2018: Koi fish and coin tattoo
Koi fish tattoos have become ones of the most popular, beautiful and common inks that are tattooed on different parts of a body permanently.
Collection of meaningful quote love tattoos
Love is a topic that we can not stop talking about. There was a time when love quotes were only written on notebooks and diaries, but now times have changed and people like to get quotes tattooed on their bodies.
Collection of 12 animal tattoos and their meaning
12 animal tattoos are chosen by many people when they come to art tattoos to express their age. But to get a nice tattoo and show your personality not every design can do it.
7 koi with lotus tattoo designs which you can’t miss
Koi fish in the East tradition is known as a mascot of perseverance and luck, bravely overcome the difficulties and obstacles to achieve success. Each koi fish tattoo, when combined with other colors or themes, has a different meaning.
The most beautiful koi dragon tattoos you should have!
In the world of tattoo artistry, koi dragons are popular tattoos, usually symbolizing that the person getting the tattoo has gone through, or is going through, a major change in life: a death, a divorce, difficult circumstances, and coming out stronger because of it.
Exploring the tattoos can affect your destiny
A tattoo is symbol that is not only displayed on your skin but also affected your life and your destiny. Choosing beautiful tattoo and matching yourself is always considered carefully before going to the tattoo shop.
Some sweet quote tattoos for girl’s hand ideas
Quote tattoos are a very good way of expressing ones thoughts and beliefs. Quote tattoos for girls are not only a very cool but also makes people more interesting of you.
The secret of dragon tattoo designs
Dragon tattoos is a popular and powerful design worn by both women and men, and although it can be designed in various sizes, the detailing and shading involved in most depictions often make this tattoo a larger-sized project.
​Wonderful tattoo designs you will love for sure
If you are looking for a beautiful tattoo designs for 2017, those tattoos we introduce today will not make you disappointed!
​Exploring secret behind koi fish tattoo
Koi fish tattoos are not only beautiful but also meaningful, they symbolize the resilience to overcome adversity & indomitable spirit. If you are interested in tattoo art, you will love those tattoos from Tadashi and want to get one as soon as possible.
Some creative and beautiful flower tattoos you must see
Although men are also interested in getting flower tattoos but not so much as women or girls, it is a great choice for men and women both.
​Exploring the meaning of sun and moon tattoos
As with all tattoos, sun and moon tattoos can be used for the beauty of body art. But many people are tattooed with this design because of the numerous meanings it holds.
​Get a tattoo before you turn 25!
From my experience, a lot of people still like to discourage folks from getting inked when they're young, but there are plenty of solid reasons to get a tattoo before it is too late.
​15 amazing back shoulder tattoo designs for women
Get ready for gorgeous florals, amazing animals, and beautiful watercolor works of art.
​12 quote tattoo ideas on arm for men
Tattoo art is developing through several stages, and quote tattoo is still one of the most favorite not only women but also men.
​20 unique heart tattoo designs for women
If you are looking for a unique tattoo design which can show your character, do not miss this article!
The meaning of feather tattoo designs
Feather tattoos can be a trend, again, in 2017. This article will talk about the meaning behind feather tattoo designs.
Meaningful family word tattoo designs
There are many ways to express your love to your family, one of them is getting a meaningful tattoo for yourself, let’s explore the article with Tadashi!
13 small tattoo ideas for girls you can’t miss
The article below will suggest small tattoos for girls which is not only cute but also mischievous. Check it now!
Amazing foot tattoo design ideas that you won’t miss
Getting a tattoo on your foot, the pain is very big but people still want it because it make they feel attractive and satisfied. If you are looking for a foot tattoo design, you can’t miss this article from Tadashi Tattoo - Tattoo Saigon.
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