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Famous tattoo in Ho Chi Minh City

Tattoo art is also known as "the art of tattoo" is gradually becoming a popular art in the big cities of Vietnam. Nowadays, there are many tattoo shop in Ho Chi Minh City with monumental scale.

At some streets such as Pham Ngu Lao, Nguyen Cu Trinh, Cong Quynh, De Tham,... where are known as the "road of tattooing" of the City you can see the bustling activity of tattoo in Ho Chi Minh City.

Different tattoo shops in Saigon have different styles depending on the interests and personality of the client, so you should inquire some parlors in Saigon on internet or through acquaintances had come tattoo,... then you can choose some tattoo artists and look their style before deciding to get a tattoo.

Tadashi Tattoo Studio - tattoo shop in Saigon is famous for reputable tattoo studio with 10 years experience in this area and has produced thousands of tattoo artworks & meaning as customers want, and they are expressed through each art works Tattoo Tadashi.

tattoo shop in saigon - tattoo saigon viet nam

Tattooing is an art form permanently etched into your skin. Understanding this reason, Tadashi artist always put all the talent, enthusiasm, and all his heart and soul into the job to create the most beautiful designs and bring customers satisfaction.

There are some tattoo artworks at Tadashi Tattoo Studio which are most favorite and have received positive feedback from customers.

tattoo shop in saigon - tattoo saigon vietnam
Cherry Blossom tattoo

tattoo shop in saigon - tattoo saigon vietnam

Trung Tadashi entered the Vietnam Tattoo Convention and won the 1st place at small black and gray Asian style, and the 2nd place at big colour Asian style. The following year, he was given the honor of being asked to judge the Convention. This is one of reasons made his tattoo shop in Saigon become famous.

tattoo shop in saigon - tattoo saigon vietnam

1st place award at Vietnam Tattoo Convention.

tattoo shop in saigon - tattoo saigon vietnam

kettledrum tattoo

This is a video about tattoo process of artists at Tadashi Tattoo Studio that we want to introduce. Let's enjoy!


If you have any questions, please contact us for advices. If you are finding a studio to get a tattoo, let's come with Tadashi Tattoo Studio - Tattoo in Ho Chi Minh City. We are very happy to help you!

Address: 283/1 Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 028.3920.2782 (For booking)
Hotline: 0123.9191.978 (Mr.Trung Tadashi) - 0918.65.90.68 (Ms.Thư)
Email: tadashitattoovn78@gmail.com
Website: www.tadashitattoo.vn/en/

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Giới thiệu
Fire in passion
Artist Tadashi Trung is the main artist working at Tadashi Tattoo. Graduated from Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Arts 9 years ago, Trung Tadashi was then spending 5 years at Japan to enrich his knowledge and accumulate experience of Oriental art.
Address : 283/1 Pham Ngu Lao street, Pham Ngu Lao ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city.
Tel : 028.3920.2782 ( reception )
Hotline : 0918.65.90.68 (Ms.Thư)
For foreigner : 0904.39.39.85 - 091.5050.196
Email : tadashitattoovn78@gmail.com

Tadashi Tattoo - Tattoo shop in Saigon Vietnam

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