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Exploring the tattoos can affect your destiny

A tattoo is symbol that is not only displayed on your skin but also affected your life and your destiny. Choosing beautiful tattoo and matching yourself is always considered carefully before going to the tattoo shop.

If quote tattoos or small tattoos which do not need to think too much about the impact, two of the most popular tattoo designs can affect your destiny are koi fish tattoos and dragon tattoos. Let’s expolore in this article!

Koi fish tattoo

Before you make the next big step in your tattoo, take the time to learn what a koi fish tattoo will mean. Koi are an ancient fish, often admired for their endurance and perseverance in the face of adversity. Swimming koi represent advancement and determination. The Chinese believe koi particularly represent good fortune in business. Buddhists on the other hand see koi as representations of courage.

Not only choosing the right koi fish tattoo, but also considering the color of them. Each of its colors represents different meanings; moreover, the color that fits your destiny will make your business easier; on the other hand, if you choose wrong color, it can bring unlucky things.

There are some koi fish tattoo ideas we want to show you.


Two koi fish placed in a circular shape represent yin yang, a Chinese philosophy that


Koi tattoos placed with lotus flowers symbolize purity and rebirth

Gold koi symbolize prosperity and are a very popular color for koi tattoos

Gold koi symbolize prosperity and are a very popular color for koi tattoos

Blue koi represent tranquility

Blue koi represent tranquility. 

Asagi koi with gray, and red coloring represent positivity in life

Asagi koi with gray, and red coloring represent positivity in life

Dragon tattoos

Dragons in the West traditionally symbolize strength, ferocity, and wealth. The Japanese, and the East in general, see dragons differently. In Japanese traditional tattoo art, dragons are generous, benevolent forces that use their strength to do good for mankind. Wisdom is another trait attributed to dragons.

Dragons are a popular tattoo among both men and woman, each person finding a different reason ans symbolism behind the dragon.

In common, men use dragon tattoos to represent courage, strength, raw power and force, wisdom and reason and the las thing is protectors of sacred items. In general, women tend to use dragon tattoos to represent: creator, protector of life, strength.

Exploring the tattoos can affect your destiny

Whether you take your inspiration from traditional koi and dragon art, other koi fish and dragon tattoos, or even your own koi fish and dragon, make a rough sketch of a potential design. Schedule an appointment with Tadashi Tattoo Saigon and discuss your vision, size, colors, and desired placement. We will work on the sketch to make it exactly what you want!

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