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12 animal tattoos are chosen by many people when they come to art tattoos to express their age. But to get a nice tattoo and show your personality not every design can do it.

Let’s with Tadashi Tattoo - Tattoo in Saigon Vietnam explore the collection of 12 animal tattoos and their meaning in this article!

Rat tattoo designs

People of this age often have good leadership skills and management. The mouse is a clever species, so rats are also admired for their creativity and agility.

Ox tattoo designs

Independence, early maturity, strong character and persistence are the characteristics of the old. They often have dreams, ambition as well as not afraid of difficult and dangerous.

Tiger tattoo designs

Those people love the adventure job, bring glory, success brilliant for themselves. They often have leadership and kindness.

Cat tattoo designs

Intelligent, agile and sophisticated eyes are the strength of the cat. They are able to adapt to the new environment quickly and withstand the pressures of life.

Dragon tattoo designs

Dragons represent extraordinary power, sacred, revered by all. The dragon always achieved much success in life, authority and status. These are two tattoo designs about dragon which are performed by Tadashi Tattoo - Tattoo in Saigon Vietnam

Snake tattoo designs

The snake represents the wise, skillful and adventurous. They have a rich and romantic inner life that get more attention from other people.

Horse tattoo designs

These people are energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about discovering new things in life.

Goat tattoo designs

The person is cleverly intelligent, has vision and analytical ability.

Monkey tattoo designs

The monkey is the smartest in 12 animals. Therefore, people in this age are not only the talent but also agile.

Rooster tattoo designs

Rooster represent dynamism, enthusiasm and pride, so people are always exciting and full of life energy. They are loved by kindness, responsibility and straightforward character.

Dog tattoo designs

They live for other people even if forgetting themself. They respect honorr and prestige. If they promise something, they will do.

Pig tattoo designs

Being free, relaxed and open mind is what can be seen in pig age. This is the reason why other people love them. In addition, thanks to the talent and hard work they soon built a stable career.

There are just a few designs of 12 beautiful animals, if you want to see more designs, let’s come with Tadashi tattoo - tattoo in Saigon Vietnam. We are very happy to serve you!

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