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4 things you should know before getting a tattoo on finger

Finger tattoo designs have definitely become more popular in recent years because of their attraction. While some of these finger tattoos are cute and tiny, others are bold and beautiful, meant to draw attention and make a statement, like permanent jewelry. However, before you come to a tattoo Vietnam to get a finger tattoo, there are a few things you should know.

The tattoo is going to hurt. A lot.

Just ask somebody who has lots of tattoo designs on body (include finger tattoo) which is the most painful position. If you receive most replies are finger, you should consider how meaningful finger tattoo is.

4 things you should know before getting a finger tattoo
Unique symbols on finger.

You have to be careful while the tattoo is healing

You use your hands on a daily basis, and it’s easy to forget about ink on your fingers a day or two after it’s done. If you put your finger tattoo in pocket, wash dishes, or swim, you could rip the scab off and that could take some of the ink out.

4 things you should know before getting a finger tattoo
The Koi fish tattoo on finger. 

It may fade

The skin on your finger is thin and it moves a lot, so tattoos may fade very easily and don’t tend to last very long. It's unfair that this position is more painful than others but shorter life, right?

4 things you should know before getting a finger tattoo
Tattoos on finger are more painful, but they have shorter life.

You have to apply sunscreen regularly

Sun exposure is a big reason tattoos begin to fade, and with a tattoo on your finger, it will be exposed to the sun pretty much any time you’re outside. It may be hard to remember to apply sunscreen to your finger, but it will help extend the life of the tattoo in the long run.
4 things you should know before getting a finger tattoo
You have to apply sunscreen regularly to maintain them longer.

After you consider those reasons, you still decide to get one finger tattoo, you can find one of some tattoo designs from tattoo in Vietnam and get it. If you live in Saigon, you can come with us to be consulted. 

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