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Japanese tattooing is a well respected art. A rich history filled many influences, nuances in culture, and generations of talent have produced some some extremely notable works of art. Japanese tattooing is a staple worldwide, so we wanted to share our list of Japanese tattoo artists that you need to follow. 

Horiyoshi III

Horiyoshi is an Irezumi master based in Yokohama. To make this list without him would simply be unfair.

Horiyoshi III


A devout student of Irezumi and the zen spirit, Horikitsune is dedicated to a life work that is balanced with traditional Japanese ideologies.


Horiyen (Jess Yen)

Another veteran of the Japanese tattoo scene with an unmatchable style. Jess is also a big advocate in the tattoo community, acting as the founder of My Tattoo.

Horiyen (Jess Yen)

Chris O’Donnell – Kings Avenue Tattoo

Chris O’Donnell works at the notable Kings Avenue Tattoo in NYC as well his private studio just north of the city. He owns a beautiful style that is well known and respected within the revered NYC tattoo culture.

Chris O’Donnell – Kings Avenue Tattoo

Horichiro – Super Ultra Great Ink

Horichiro’s page is filled with beautiful bodysuits and traditional works of art. Horichiro works at Super Ultra Great Ink in Ilsan, Korea.

Horichiro – Super Ultra Great Ink

Horiei Shinshu – Heaven Artwork

Horiei has only been tattooing professionally since 2006, but his breathtaking imagery speaks for itself. Horiei works at Heaven Artwork in Matsumoto City, Nagano.

Horiei Shinshu – Heaven Artwork

Shige Iwasaki – Yellow Blaze Tattoo

It’s hard not to love anything produced by Shige. Originally a Harley‐Davidson mechanic in Yokohama, Shige taught himself how to tattoo in 1995 and pursues an original Japanese Style with traditional Japanese influences.

Shige Iwasaki – Yellow Blaze Tattoo

Nicckuhori – Galaxy Tattoo

The owner of Galaxy Tattoo in Singapore, Nic has been tattooing since 1998 and is quickly gaining mass respect in the Japanese tattoo community.

Nicckuhori – Galaxy Tattoo

Tomo Ikarashi – Silk Needle Tattoo

One of our favorite accounts to follow. Tomo previously worked at the great Yellow Blaze Tattoo, and is now the proud owner of Silk Needle Tattoo in Nagaoka-city, Niigata, Japan.

Tomo Ikarashi – Silk Needle Tattoo

Tristen Zheng – Chronic Ink

Tristen is one of the best tattoo artists in Toronto and his work definitely deserves an inclusion as one of our favorite Japanese tattoo artists.

Tristen Zheng – Chronic Ink

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