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10 common tattoos and their secret meanings

10 tattoo designs in this article always make people curious. Tadashi Tattoo - tattoo Saigon will reveal the meaning of the 10 common tattoos and their secret meanings.

Three dots tattoo

The three dots represent “mi vida loca” or “my crazy life”. It’s not really associated with a gang or anything, but the lifestyle itself. You’ll usually find this tattoo in the hands or around the eyes, or even both.

Teardrop tattoo

The teardrop tattoo was first a symbol that signified that someone had committed murder. But, these days, it’s also grown to have other meanings, such as a close friend’s death, etc.

1488 tattoo

1488 may look like just any other number, but it’s not. It’s a number that’s closely associated with the Nazis. 14 being the number of words in a quote by David Lane, a known Nazi Leader. And, 88 referring to the 8th letter of the alphabet, H, twice, which means Heil Hitler.

Five dots tattoo

The four dots on the outside represent the prison walls. The one in the middle? It’s for the inmate. Having this tattoo means that you’ve spent time inside the slammer.

Butterfly tattoo

The butterfly is a very emotional tattoo to have. It carries many meanings, such as the dreams of being free to roam the world. Or, for others, the metamorphosis that butterflies naturally go through. Though, for most, it has a negative connotation, such as short-term physical beauty, unstable personality and vanity.

Southerners tattoo

“Sureño”, the Spanish term for southerner is a tat that’s closely associated with the Mexican Mafia. If someone you know or see has this tattoo and the number 13, then you may want to avoid messing around with that guy.

Northerners tattoo

The tattoo N and the number 14 signifies that the person is a Norteño or a “Northerner” and a member of Nuestra Familia. These people are the sworn enemies of the Mexican Mafia.

Five Pronged Crown tattoo

Five-pronged crowns usually have no meaning. But, if it has the letters A.L.K.N written along with it, then be careful. This stands for Almighty Latin King Nation and wears are members of the said notorious gang.

Irish Pride tattoo

Always be careful around people with this little “shamrock” anywhere around their body. The reason for this is that the wearer might be a member of the Aryan Brotherhood.

Woody the Wood Pecker tattoo

The last tattoo Tadashi Tattoo Saigon want to mention is Woody Woodpecker. It looks cute and all, but white-power games have used him as a symbol of white supremacy. While less common these days, it’s still important to be wary of people who have this sort of tattoo on them.

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