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Artist Trung Tadashi won the arward at the tattoo event in Sydney.

Trung tadashi artist- affirming the intelligence, quintessence, and talent of Vietnamese tattoo artists in the world- the person who won “ the most awesome full sleeve tattoo” prize at ATE- Australian Tattoo Events- the tattoo competition in Sydney- the biggest city in Australia.
As a Vietnamese artist, participating in a contest not held in Vietnam. He got disadvantageous for not being able to bring his model with his participating tattoo. The attended tattoo was free-handed and carried out in 2 days.
The tattoo event in Sydney Australia
Free hand tattoo by Trung Tadashi

There are few artists who can do freehand tattoos (without using any sketches or stencils). This art requires knowledge of portraying and muscles on the body.
Here, he carried out “Koi fish” full sleeve tattoo and got first prize.

Koi tattoo by Trung Tadashi
As an experienced artist, Trung Tadashi Artist has achieved a lot in his career.
In 2013, he took part in Viet Nam Tattoo Convention Competition and got outstanding awards in many categories.
In 2015, Trung Tadashi artist participated in tattoo Festival in Denmark-Europe and got a 2nd trophy “Best Tattoo of The Day’. He was the first Vietnamese artist that had a chance to attend Tattoo Festival in Europe and got the prize.
In March 2017, he became a judge of the international committee in the Tattoo Convention Vietnam 2017 organised by Tran Nam.
In October 2017, Trung Tadashi Artist attended Australian tattoo Events in Sydney and awarded “ Best Sleeve” Tattoo Festival Sydney. He was the first Vietnamese to get the chance to participate and got first prize in the prestigious Australia, proving the abilities of Vietnamese people on the international level.
Koi tattoo by Trung Tadashi
Artist Trung Tadashi won the arward in Sydney

Artist Trung Tadashi won the arward at the tattoo event in Sydney.

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